Holy Dream Work

Our Dream Group: In our dream work group, we seek to find the guidance of the Holy Spirit within the images in our dreams. Honoring our dreams in group and in other ways communicates that we are open to receiving messages from the Holy Spirit. Dream work is a form of prayer for us. Dream Group meets on the third Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 noon. Dream Group is always open to new seekers.

Spiritual inner work : Inner work is a way of looking at what the Holy Spirit is making known to one in his/her soul rather than seeking an outside source for God’s message. Dream work is one kind of spiritual inner work. Other types of spiritual inner work are discernment in contemplative prayer, meditation, recognition of syncronicities, centering prayer, and walking the labyrinth.

How we know that God speaks to us through dreams: There are at least 23 scripture passages that speak of God communicating through dreams. In Genesis chapters 28, 37 and 41, he spoke to Joseph, Jacob and pharoah in dreams. In the book of Daniel chapters 2,4,7,8, and 10 he spoke to Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel in dreams. Acts chapter 10 speaks of Peter’s dream and chapter 16 speaks of Paul’s dream. In Matthew there are four passages in which he speaks to Joseph and to the Magi.

The goal of dream work: It is never possible to get to the full meaning of a dream and it is not even really necessary to be able to say the meaning of the dream. What is important is to honor the dream as a message given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of health and wholeness, for individual spiritual growth. By honoring dreams, messages will start to become clearer about the path God is asking you to follow in your life.

Links & Resources

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Books & Other Readings

Robert Haden, Unopened Letters From God
Joyce Hudson, Natural Spirituality
Robert Johnson, Inner Work
Carl Jung’s works
John Sanford, Dreams, God’s Forgotten Language
John Sanford, The Kingdom Within
Jeremy Taylor, The Wisdom of Your Dreams