Gospel Based Discipleship

Gospel Based Discipleship group meets each Wedneday morning from 10 to 11 AM. Everyone is welcome to join us. We have been meeting regularly for several years.

Gospel Based Discipleship is an encounter with the Gospel, designed to engage us with the Gospel for the Sunday following the group gathering. We share responses to these three questions:

What words or ideas did you hear?
What is Jesus (the Gospel) saying to you?
What is Jesus (the Gospel) calling you to do?


The group begins by using the gathering prayer in one of the selections from A Disciple’s Prayer Book.

The questions: What words or phrases did you hear? What is Jesus (the Gospel) saying to you? What is Jesus (the Gospel) calling you to do? are designed  for personal reflection, sharing and discussion. There are no right or wrong answers. We are seeking the truth by hearing what the Gospel says to each of us individually and corporately.  In our sharing, we regularly find new insights and revelations. We use  the NRSV Gospel text and The Message (NAV Press), a contemporary translation by Eugene Petersen.


The group ends each meeting with a collect taken from A Disciple’s Prayer Book and The Lord’s Prayer.

We who meet for GBD regularly begin to view our call to mission differently. GBD helps us to focus on what God is calling us to do in our daily life. We develop spiritual friendships. We share spiritual journeys and come to know each other in a new way, not based merely on similar likes or dislikes, but as disciples on a journey together.  This leads to a vision of the community gathered around the Scripture.

The group does not seek to do critical commentary and teaching. The Sunday sermon is the place where critical commentary and teaching of the Gospel are heard.

Please join us!